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Suzy Vogenthaler, David Faes and Pamela Nogales dispel the liberal confusion over the Obama administration's reforms for trans-people. Laurie and Pamela sit with Dorna Darabi for a report of the recent anti-AFD protest in Berlin with over 150,000 participants. And Stefan Hain and BetĂĽl Yildrim talk to Pamela at the Freie University coffee break about the divisions within Die Linke, the decline of the Social Democratic Party and German politics after Merkel.

For more on trans politics see David Faes's articles for the new Platypus Review, issue 111.
(1) "Transgender liberation? A movement whose time has passed"…time-has-passed/
(2) "#MeToo and the millennial sex panic"…nnial-sex-panic/

For more on the German left listen to the recording of our panel in Frankfurt, from 07.12.2017, entitled "What is Socialism?" Speakers were invited to reflect on the history of social democracy from a leftist perspective: how are social democracy and social revolution today still connected? What does Social Democracy stand for politically? The following were invited: Hans-Gerd Öfinger (International Marxist Tendency), André Leisewitz (Journal Marxist Renewal), Martin Veith (Institute for Syndicalism Research), Lukas Schneider (Jusos Frankfurt) and Christoph Spehr (Die LINKE). Edited transcript linked below as well as the panel audio recording are both in German.…ist-sozialismus/

Hosted by Pamela Nogales, Laurie Rojas and Suzy V.

On this episode, Pamela Nogales, Laurie Rojas and Suzy Vogenthaler talk about the Kavanaugh hearing, his virginity and the failing Democratic Party strategy in the midterm electoral campaign. Laurie and Pamela interview Jack Devine from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and discuss the organization's strategy and long term goals. We end by interviewing Tana Forrester, from the Socialist Party USA (SPUSA), on the need to build a mass socialist party today.

Articles for further reading:
(1) Jack Devine, "The death agony of meritocracy" in the Platypus Review 109 (September 2018)…-of-meritocracy/
(2) Erin Hagood & Stephanie Gomez, "What was the Socialist Party? An interview with David McReynolds" in the Platypus Review 110 (October 2018)…avid-mcreynolds/

Hosted by Laurie Rojas, Pamela C. Nogales C. and Suzy V.

On this episode of SPS, we sit down with Jacobin contributor Alex Hotchuli and discuss Brazil's upcoming, presidential elections. With Audrey Crescenti, we take up Afro-futurist aesthetics, with clips from artist Frances Bodomo, the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Sun Ra, and Terence Nance’s new HBO show, Random Acts of Flyness.

Alex Hotchuli on the Brazilian elections for Jacobin…boulos-corruption

Mark Dery, "Black to the Future: Interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose" (1994)

Hosted by Pamela Nogales & Laurie Rojas.

On this episode of SPS, we discuss the confusion around "trans politics" & sexual emancipation and examine the limits of anti-Trump activism. Audrey Crescenti, Pam Nogales & Berkeley member, Will Lushbough, sits down with comedian Will Franken, who lived as a trans woman for a brief time, to talk about sexuality & the state of stand-up today. Laurie Rojas talks to UK members, Rory Hannigan & Pádraig Maguire about the recent anti-Trump protests in London. And Suzy V. drops by to discuss the Chicago queer scene and the difficulty of thinking about sexual emancipation today.

Articles mentioned:
(1) "The Word 'Cisgender': An Unlikely Semantic Revolutionary"…10913904.html
(2) "Why Scarlett Johansson — Or Any Cis Actor — Should Never Play Trans Roles"…er-play-trans-roles

From the Platypus archives on sexual liberation:

Hosted by Audrey Crescenti, Pam C. Nogales C., Laurie Rojas.

On this episode of SPS, we discuss "What is the DSA and where is it going?," the Platypus panel at this year's Left Forum (June 2018), with Erin Hagood, Marco Torres joins us to talk about the Mexican elections, and we pay tribute to the one and only, Kanye West.

Mentioned on this episode:
(1) DSA panel from the Left Forum: "What is the DSA?" panel held (06/06) at Left Forum which features Jack Devine, DSA; Jim Creegan, Weekly Worker; and Erin Hagood, Platypus
(2) Platypus Review interview with the DSA candidate for California Lt. Governor, Gayle McLaughlin…ayle-mclaughlin/
(3) Dissent article on the Mexican Elections by Carlos Bravo Regidor and Patrick Iber…-obrador-amlo

Hosted by Audrey Crescenti, Pam C. Nogales C., Laurie Rojas.