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Platypus@NYU presents a roundtable discussion following the May 1st General Strike. Held on May 2nd, 2012, at New York University.

Since November of 2011, and with the help of working groups and organizers of OWS, Platypus has been hosting a series of roundtable discussions reflecting on the obstacles and possibilities, political content, and potential future of the #Occupy movement. These have taken place in New York, Chicago, Boston, Halifax (Canada), London (UK). We welcome any and all who would like to be a part of this project of self-education and potential rebuilding of the Left to join us in advancing this critical moment.

A public forum with students, activists and organizers from across the globe held on April 2nd, 2012.

Transcript in Platypus Review #48 (Click below):

From teach-ins in the UK, occupations in Austria and Germany and protests in the Netherlands and Greece, responses to the economic downturn are international in character. These new developments require coordination across global networks and it is why Platypus at U. Chicago is organizing a series of international panels that we hope can take place in Universities across the world where Platypus student members havebeen able to forge connections.

We hope that this panel will be an opportunity to report on activity and form new connections across international efforts. Panelists will report on the state of the Left in their respected regions and reflect on their experience as organizers while helping formulate what the next steps in organizing and planning could look like in the months ahead.

Haseeb Ahmed(Maastricht)
Valentin Badura(Austria)
Cengiz Kulac (Austria)
Moritz Roeger (Germany)
Jerzy Sobotta (Germany)
Thodoris Velissaris(Greece)

Moderated by Pam C. Nogales C. (Platypus)

On March 17, 2012, Ross Wolfe and Pam Nogales of the Platypus Affiliated Society interviewed Domenico Losurdo, the author, most recently, of Liberalism: A Counter-History (2011).

Transcript in Platypus Review #46 (Click below):

A moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A on problems of strategies and tactics on the Left today held on Thursday, 19 January 2012 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Eric Anatolik (Occupy NS)
Jacques Beaudoin (Parti communiste revolutionnaire - Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada)
Howard Epstein (New Democratic Party MLA Halifax Chebucto)
Max Haiven (Edu-Factory, Historical and Critical Studies NSCAD)
Andony Melathopoulos (Platypus)

The panel was moderated by Pam Nogales.

"After the failure of the 1960s New Left, the underlying despair with regard to the real efficacy of political will, of political agency, in a historical situation of heightened helplessness, became a self-constitution as outsider, as other, rather than an instrument of transformation. Focused on the bureaucratic stasis of the Fordist, late 20th Century world, the Left echoed the destruction of that world by the dynamics of capital: neoliberalism and globalization.

"The idea of a fundamental transformation became bracketed and, instead, was replaced by the more ambiguous notion of 'resistance.' The notion of resistance, however, says little about the nature of that which is being resisted, or of the politics of the resistance involved.

"'Resistance' is rarely based on a reflexive analysis of possibilities for fundamental change that are both generated and suppressed by the dynamic heteronomous order of capital. 'Resistance' is an undialectical category that does not grasp its own conditions of possibility; it fails to grasp the dynamic historical context of capital and its reconstitution of possibilities for both domination and emancipation, of which the 'resisters' do not recognize that that they are a part."

-- Moishe Postone, "History and Helplessness: Mass mobilization and contemporary forms of anticapitalism" (2006)

A panel held on August 28, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Panelists (in speaking order): Jerzy Sobotta (Frankfurt), Haseeb Ahmed (Maastricht), Watson Ladd (Chicago), Pam C. Nogales C. (New York)

Poduimsdiskussion: Hosting the conversation on the death of the Left.
The panel will present on the recent history of the Left in the U.S. through the history of the emergence and activities of our new student organization, the Platypus Affiliated Society. Platypus was established in 2006 in response to the failure of the Iraq anti-war movement. We formed an organization dedicated to âhosting the conversationâ on the death of the Left internationally, seeking to present more directly questions and problems from the history of Marxism, as guide to why and how the world has arrived at its present state. We find the most interesting and deepest questions and problems of modern history to be raised by Marxism, but not exclusively so. We hope to help clear or at least call critical attention to the present and historical ideological obstacles to the potential for forming a cosmopolitan Left as a truly progressive-emancipatory force.

The panel will include speakers from New York, Chicago, Boston/Maastricht and Frankfurt.

Poduimsdiskussion: Hosting the conversation on the death of the Left.
Die Veranstaltung wird die neuere Geschichte der Linken in den USA anhand der Entstehung und den Aktivitäten der neuen studentischen Organisation, the Platypus Affiliated Society, zum Gegenstand haben. Platypus wurde 2006 als Antwort auf die Niederlage der Anti-Irakkrieg-Bewegung gegründet. Wir haben eine Organisation geschaffen, welche es sich zum Hauptanliegen gemacht hat, die Diskussion über den Tod der Linken zu anzustoßen und so direkter die Fragen und Probleme aus der Geschichte des Marxismus aufzuwerfen, um zu verstehen, wie und warum die Welt zu ihrem gegenwärtigem Zustand gelangt ist. Wir glauben, dass die interessantesten und tiefsten Probleme moderner Geschichte, nicht ausschließlich aber vor allem durch den Marxismus angesprochen wurden. Wir hoffen, gegenwärtige und historische ideologische Hindernisse für eine potentielle Entstehung einer kosmopolitischen Linken – als einer tatsächlich progressiv-emanzipatorischen Kraft – aus dem Weg zu räumen, oder zumindest kritisch ins Bewusstsein zu rufen.
Der Panel besteht aus Sprecherinnen und Sprechern aus New York, Chicago, Boston/Maastricht und Frankfurt. (Die Veranstaltung findet auf englisch statt.) 
IVI (Bockenheim) • Kettenhofweg 130 • Frankfurt am Main
Sonntag, 28. August 2011, 18:00 (IVI)