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Current International Reading Groups

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
112 South Michigan Avenue, Room 818

University of Chicago (UChicago)
Stuart 105

Loyola University, Chicago
North Shore Campus
Damen Student Center 122
6511 N. Sheridan

Campus Bockenheim
Neue Mensa 117

Shatford Room
University of King’s College
6350 Coburg Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 2A1

MD Anderson Library
4333 University Drive
Meet in the 24-hour lounge, before going up to room 221j

Goldsmiths, University of London
Richard Hoggart Building, Room 257

London School of Economics
Room KSW1.01
20 Kingsway, London WC2A 2AE

University of Tennessee
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Building
Room 103A
Thursdays 18:30 ET

19 University Place, Rm. 337
New York, NY 10012
Wednesdays 7:00pm

Santa Cruz
Kresge Study Center/Library 348 (upstairs)
Thursdays, 19:00 PT


St. Louis


Primary Marxist Reading GroupIntroduction to the history of the Left and Marxism (32-40 weeks, including 3-4 weeks of breaks)

I. What is the "Left?" -- What is "Marxism?"
The historical roots of the Left and Marxism in the bourgeois revolution of the 17th-18th centuries and its 19th century crisis in capitalism are addressed through readings from Karl Marx and the background in radical bourgeois philosophy of Rousseau, Kant, and Hegel. 20th century attempts to recover Marx and Marxism's political consciousness by the Frankfurt School and in the 1960s-70s "New Left" frame the problem of consciousness of the Left in the mid-late 20th century leading to the present, through writings by Juliet Mitchell, Adolph Reed, Moishe Postone, and the Spartacist League/U.S., among others, and Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Georg Lukacs, Karl Korsch, and Leszek Kolakowski.

II. Introduction to revolutionary Marxism
Through reading key texts from the high period of the history of Marxism in the 2nd International and its crisis in the early 20th century, the problem of consciousness of this history and its potential political implications in the present are addressed. Readings include Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky, the philosophical reflections on Marxism by Lukacs and Korsch, and their ramifications in the Frankfurt School Critical Theory of Walter Benjamin, Horkheimer, and Adorno.

Short course in Platypus, History of the Left and Marxism

- Platypus introduction to the history of Marxism readings
A series of 10 sessions introducing Platypus’s approach to the history of Marxism, including readings on Luxemburg, Lenin and Trotsky.

- Introduction to Platypus readings
10 sessions of readings introducing the raison d’être of the Platypus project, including published transcripts of our public forum activities.

Summer Reading Group

Every summer, Platypus holds a special summer session of our reading group internationally.