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Interested in attending one of reading groups internationally? Have a question about one of the events Platypus is hosting?

We are always looking for writers, speakers, anyone interested, ideas, etc. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact one of the regional coordinators at:

If you would like to submit to the Platypus Review, please review the editorial statement and submission guidelines and e-mail the Editor-in-Chief at:

Also, get connected with the Platypus Facebook group and mailing list!

Regional Coordinators

North American Regional Coordinator
U.S. East Coast Regional Coordinator
Eurasian Regional Coordinator
U.S. Southern Regional Coordinator
German Regional Coordinator
Southern Europe Regional Coordinator
U.S. Midwest and Canada Regional Coordinator
U.S. West Coast Regional Coordinator
United Kingdom Regional Coordinator

International Chapter Heads

Corvallis Chapter Head
Cologne Chapter Head
Chicago - School of the Art Institute Chapter Head
Bay Area Chapter Head
Philadelphia Chapter Head
Los Angeles Chapter Head
Berlin Chapter Head
Toronto Chapter Head
Leipzig Chapter Head
Chicago - University of Chicago Chapter Head
U.S. West Coast Regional Coordinator
Houston Chapter Head
Manchester (UK) Chapter Head
Bielefeld Chapter Head
London - LSE Chapter Head
Fairfax Chapter Head
Quito Chapter Head
Thessaloniki Chapter Head
Përgjegjësi për Kapitullin e Prishtinës
Chicago - University of Illinois Chapter Head
Tokyo Chapter Head
Beijing Chapter Head
Vienna Chapter Head
Austin Chapter Head
Knoxville Chapter Head
Nikosia Chapter Head
Cincinnati Chapter Head
London - Goldsmiths University Chapter Head
Frankfurt Chapter Head
Sheffield Chapter Head
Manchester (US) Chapter Head
Chicago - Northwestern University Chapter Head
New York - NYU Chapter Head
Athens Chapter Head
Aarhus Chapter Head

Platypus Review Staff


Copy Editors

Copy editor
Copy editor
Copy editor
Copy editor
Copy editor

Web Editor


Web Editor

Social Media


Social media editor
Social media editor