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Platypus primary Marxist readings: Anti-black racism in the U.S.

The U.S. "black question" in the history of Marxism

Part I

• Max Shachtman, Communism and the Negro AKA Race and Revolution (1933)

• Richard Fraser, “Two lectures on the black question in America and revolutionary integrationism” (1953)

• James Robertson and Shirley Stoute, “For black Trotskyism” (1963)

• Bayard Rustin, "From protest to politics" (1965)

Spartacist League, “Black and red: Class struggle road to Negro freedom” (1966)

Part II

• Harold Cruse, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual (1967), [selections part 1, 3-10 and 11-63] [part 2, 451-475 and 544-565]

• Bayard Rustin, “The failure of black separatism” (1970)

• Bayard Rustin, "The blacks and the unions" (1971)

Spartacist League, "Soul power or workers' power: The rise and fall of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers" (1974)

• Adolph Reed, “Black particularity reconsidered” (1979)

• Adolph Reed, “Paths to Critical Theory” (1984)

• Adolph Reed, “The limits of anti-racism” (2009)