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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep 37: On the Berlin Housing Protests, and the Danish Left & Academic Freedom

Ep 37: On the Berlin Housing Protests, and the Danish Left & Academic Freedom

On this three-part episode of SPS, Rose and the Editor of the Platypus Review, Lou Sterrett, give a teaser of what’s inside the latest issue.

In the second segment, our European Correspondent Andreas Wintersperger catches up with Ian Cassidy. Originally from Ireland, Cassidy is a Berlin-based activist, working for the campaign 'Deutsche Wohnen & co enteignen' which aims to pressure Berlin’s largest private housing companies to better serve their tenants.

In the final segment, SPS co-host Pamela sits down with Victor and Sidsel, our members in Aarhus, to discuss the recent debates over academic freedom in Danish universities in response to the parliament in Denmark accusing researchers of “excessive activism”.


Platypus Review Issue 138, July 2021

Platypus in Aarhus, Denmark

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Chris Cutrone, On philosophy and Marxism: response to Suther and Velissaris, 2020,…-and-velissaris/

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Panel Discussion in German, “Die Wohnungsfrage und die Linke”, July 2021:

Deutsche Wohnen & co enteignen Campaign

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