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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 43: On the Freedom Convoy, the Austrian Communist Party (KPÖ) & 2021 Platypus Highlights

Ep. 43: On the Freedom Convoy, the Austrian Communist Party (KPÖ) & 2021 Platypus Highlights

On this episode, Pamela sits down with our Toronto member Cam Hardy to discuss Canada's "Freedom Convoy", and the responses by the "Left". They investigate Jacobin's hot take on the "inauthentic" working-class character of the protests, and the call by the Canadian Communist Party to criminalize the convoy. In the second segment, Andreas interviews Amir Sturm, a member of the Austrian Communist Party (KPÖ). Andreas asks about the current state of the KPÖ, its history & political self-understanding and the relationship between the KPÖ and Junge Linke, an Austrian leftist youth organization. Finally, our Shit Platypus Does team, Rebekah and Lisa, chat with our members Ryan, Daniel, and Phedias about how Platypus has engaged the Left over the Legacy of Occupy, the meaning of Capitalism, and the politics of COVID-19 in our panel events in 2021.

+ The Left on the "Freedom Convoy"
> Jacobin…rker-anti-vaccine…au-vaccines-covid
> Communist Party of Canada…e-ruling-class/
> The Communist League…ght-boss-attacks/

+KPÖ Segment Links
>Platypus Interview with Tobias Schweiger…_kpoe_schweiger/
> Platypus panel on the KPÖ…AffiliatedSociety
> Jacobin article about the election in Graz, September 2021:…tory-red-fortress
>Links to websites of KPÖ and Junge Linke

+ Mentioned in our Shit Platypus Does segment
> What is capitalism and why should we be against it? - Panel Melbourne or in the PR What is capitalism, and why should we be against it?…be-against-it-2/
> From Protest to Politics? What was the Millennial Left? - Panel
> Giving voice to Occupy: An interview with John Leveille…h-john-leveille/
> What was Occupy? Ten years later - Panel
> D.L. Jacobs, What was the Millennial Left?…millennial-left/
> The Millennial Left and the Democratic Party: A response to D. L. Jacobs…e-to-d-l-jacobs/
> Pam N., Platypus at #Occupy: Lessons learned from the death of the Millennial Left
> Coronavirus and the Left - Panel Melbourne
> SPS interview with Sue Bolton on Aussie Protests against the Vaccine Mandate…vaccine-mandate/
> Anti-fascism in the Age of Trump 2017 - Panel Houston
> Hegel and the Left 2020 - Panel
> Corona und die Linke - Panel Germany
> Police Brutality and the Left - Panel