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Ep. 34: On Adam Curtis & a History of the Present

Sh*t Platypus Says · Ep. 34: On Adam Curtis & a History of the Present

On this episode of SPS, Rose, Pamela and Andreas are joined by Aarhus Platypus member, Victor Cova, to discuss the Adam Curtis documentary series, "Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World" (2021). We cover the response to the series by the Socialist Workers Party (UK), Doug Lain (Zero Books) and Red Scare podcast. We debate Curtis' conservative approach to history, and what the series has to say about the defeat of the left in the twentieth century.

At the beginning of the episode, Grant Tyler introduces the upcoming Platypus International Convention XIII: The Platypus Synthesis, featuring panels: From Protests to Politics? What was the Millennial Left?; The Legacy of Trotskyism; The Politics of Critical Theory; and the Death of the Millennial Left. All events will be held online: FB invite,…convention-2021/

Reference Links:

Tribune: An interview with Leo Panitch, A Decade on the Left

Jacobin: Mike Watson, In Defense of Herbert Marcuse…rankfurt-school

Socialist Worker: Adam Curtis mixes stunning images with dodgy politics…dodgy+politics

Doug Lain (Zero Books): The secret (and not so secret) conservatism of Adam Curtis…channel=ZeroBooks

Jacobin, Interview with Adam Curtis…my-head-interview

Building A Better Society: Have we run out of new ideas? | Adam Curtis & Russell Brand

Art Review: The Reverse Marxism of Adam Curtis’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’…bc-iplayer-review/

Platypus Links:

2019 Interview with Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party)…-seale%EF%BB%BF/

2019 Interview with Kathleen Cleaver (BPP)…athleen-cleaver/

2012 Interview with David Graeber…h-david-graeber/

David Graeber on "Radical Interpretations of the Present Crisis," Platypus public fora in London, 12.01.2012…platypus-review/

Hosted by Rose F., Pamela N and Andreas W., with original tracks by Tamas Vilaghy, and editing assistance by Michael Woodson.