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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 30: The Left After the Election 2020

Ep. 30: The Left After the Election 2020

On this episode Pamela and Sophia catch up with Conrad Cartmell (Class Unity caucus, DSA), Mara Henao & Kaitlin Buck (Philly Socialists) and Benjamin Studebaker (British Academic Union) to reflect upon the Left under Trump - and what lies ahead under a Biden administration.

This episode contributes to a larger body of work by the Platypus Affiliated Society, attempting to make sense of the Left’s reaction to the changing political reality. A panel event, with a similar topic was recently held at George Mason University(1).

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(1) Platypus Panel, held at George Mason University: "The Future after the Election: What's Left?":
(2) Beyond the Vote: Base-Building for Class Independence in Philadelphia:…n-philadelphia/
(3) This Time Isn’t Different: DSA leadership should shut up about supporting Joe Biden, Class Unity:…orting-joe-biden/

Hosted by Pamela C., Sophia, with editing assistance by Michael W. Music by Tamas Vilaghy.