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Cottonopolis, Capital of the Industrial Revolution: A Walking Tour

Led by the University of Manchester Platypus Society, this walking tour takes us around the Manchester of the industrial revolution, with Friedrich Engels as our guide.

We will tread his footsteps and uncover Manchester's mostly lost, but surprisingly sometimes extant, industrial 'heritage', and together we will question just what bearing the past has on the city of the present.

Meet at the Engels statue outside HOME (M15 4FN) no later than 3pm. Walk followed by drinks.

All welcome, tickets free but please book beforehand via Eventbrite:

FB event:


Venue: Start: Engels Statue outside HOME
Type: Meeting, Other, Social, Society, Travel or Trips
Start Date: Wednesday 27-03-2019 - 15:00
End Date: Wednesday 27-03-2019 - 17:00
Capacity: 25


Latitude: 53.4737421
Longitude: -2.2463890999999876

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