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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/London Platypus Winter Reading Group: Nietzsche (2019-2020)

London Platypus Winter Reading Group: Nietzsche (2019-2020)

Friedrich Nietzsche, by Edvard Munch



28A Wilberforce Road, London, N4 2SW, United Kingdom (closest tube: Finsbury Park).

required + recommended

Winter preliminary reading

• Karl Korsch“Marxism and philosophy” (1923)

Week 1. Nietzsche I: Life in history | Dec. 28, 2019

• Friedrich NietzscheOn the Use and Abuse of History for Life (1874) [translator's introduction by Peter Preuss]

• epigraphs on modern history and freedom by Louis Menand (on Marx and Engels), Karl Marxon "becoming" (from the Grundrisse, 1857–58), and Peter Preuss (on history)

Being and becoming (freedom in transformation) chart of terms

"Revolution without Marx? Rousseau and his followers for the Left" panel at Left Forum, 6/9/13

Cutrone, Beyond history? Nietzsche, Benjamin and Adorno

Nietzsche on history chart of terms

Week 2. Nietzsche II: Asceticism of moderns | Jan. 4, 2020

• Nietzscheselection from On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense (1873)

• NietzscheOn the Genealogy of Morals: A Polemic (1887)

Human, All Too Human: Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil (1999)

Week 3. Nietzsche III: Assorted articles | Jan. 11, 2020

Frankfurt School: Discussion of a Paper by Ludwig Marcuse on the Relationship of Need and Culture in Nietzsche (July 14, 1942) and its Introduction by Rolf Wiggershaus, The Frankfurt School’s ‘Nietzschean Moment’

Cutrone, Ends of Philosophy

Cutrone, The future of socialism: What kind of illness is capitalism?

Sunit Singh, Nietzsche’s untimeliness

• Ethan Linehan, On the use and abuse of Nietzsche for the Left