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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 20: On Euphoria & Gen Z, the UK General Elections, and voting Labour

Ep. 20: On Euphoria & Gen Z, the UK General Elections, and voting Labour

On this episode of SPS, we discuss HBO's Euphoria, what it says about the emerging "Zoomer" culture, and whether Gen Z's cynicism should be taken for granted. Rose Freeman interviews Peter Tatchell, a human rights advocate and veteran activist of the LGBTQ movement. They discuss his experience on the left and his thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. On the second half of the episode, Pamela Nogales is joined by London Platypus members, Efraim C., Rory H., Dominic J. and fellow traveler, Rebekah P., at the London School of Economics. They discuss the latest on Brexit & the upcoming election, as well as what it means to vote Labour today.

The Platypus International Convention is on April 3-5 in Chicago. The theme is "Socialism in the 21st Century". We welcome ideas for panels! Send us your pitch to You can find audio/video record of past conventions on the Platypus website,

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Hosted by Pamela C. and Rose Freeman.

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