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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 5: On "50 Years After '68: Does socialism have a future?"

Ep. 5: On "50 Years After '68: Does socialism have a future?"

On this special episode of SPS we discuss "50 Years After '68: Does Socialism Have a Future?" the annual European Conference of the Platypus Affiliated Society in London (15–18 February, 2018), and feature clips from our panels with Boris Kagarlitsky (Author; Institute of Globalization and Social Movements), Simon Elmer (Architects for Social Housing), Hillel Ticktin (University of Glasgow; Founding Editor, Critique), Robert Borba (Revolutionary Communist Party USA), Roxanne Baker (International Bolshevik Tendency) and Judith Shapiro (London School of Economics).

We are joined by Platypus members, Gregor Baszak (University of Illinois, Chicago), Nunzia Faes (London School of Economics), Erin Hagood (University of Chicago) and Pádraig Maguire (Goldsmiths, University of London).

The recordings for the entire conference are available here:
(1) Pre-conference panel discussion: Anti-Racism in the Age of Trump and Brexit…AgeOfTrumpAndBrexit
(2) Teach-in: The Death of the Millennial Left…OfTheMillennialLeft
(3) Opening Plenary: 50 Years After '68
(4) Housing Crisis or Capitalist Crisis: Anti-Gentrification and the Left…ificationAndTheLeft
(5) Marxism and Feminism
(6) Closing Plenary: What is the Future of Socialism?…heFutureOfSocialism
(7) Teach-in: The First Year of Trump…TheFirstYearOfTrump

Conference program:…conference-2018/ Please note that the final speaking line-up for each panel is listed on the pages.

Laurie mentioned Women and Revolution, which was the journal of the Women's Commission of the Spartacist League, U.S. from 1972 through 1996. Links to the articles are available here:

Hosted by Pam C. Nogales C. & Laurie Rojas.