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On this episode of SPS, Rose, Pamela and Platypus member Erin report on the Kill the Bill & May 1st protests in London, Berlin and New York. In the second half members Ryan and Sam reflect upon seeding a Platypus chapter in Melbourne Australia.
On this episode of SPS, Rose, Pamela and Andreas are joined by Aarhus Platypus member, Victor Cova, to discuss the Adam Curtis documentary series, "Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World" (2021).
Sophia and Pamela talk about the allegations that Governor Cuomo covered up mishandlings of the COVID-19 crisis and the firing of actress Gina Carano from Disney’s the Mandalorian.
In this special episode of SPS, we discuss Joe Biden's inauguration and the relationship between Art and the capitalist state.

In the latest episode of the cancel culture saga, social media companies have taken into their own hands to censor content. T