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For this episode of SPS, Rose and Pamela take up Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special, "The Closer," and the blowback following its release. For the main segment, Rose catches up with the makers behind the Aufhebunga Bunga pod, Alex Hochuli and George Hoare, to discuss their new book, The End of the End of History: Politics in the Twenty-First Century. She asks about their characterization of "anti-politics," how they understood the Trump & Brexit moment, and the importance of Hegel for the Left today. Hochuli is a writer and translator living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Hoare is a researcher and political consultant in London.

Aufhebunga Bunga podcast

The End of the End of History (Zero Books, 2021)…ury/dp/1789045231

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[Ep 02] Why should anyone care about 1917? A Conversation on Philip Cunliffe's Lenin Lives!: Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017 (2017)
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James Heartfield, The 'Death of the Subject' Explained (2006)…eld/dp/141964436X

Platypus Panel, "Bonapartism: How is the State Revolutionary?" (PAS International Convention 2020)

Chris Cutrone, "Rousseau, Kant and Hegel" Platypus Review 61 (2013)

Hosted by Rose F., Pamela N. and Andreas W., with original tracks by Tamas Vilaghy & Louis Sterrett, and editing assistance by Michael Woodson and Tamas Vilaghy. To learn more about Platypus, go to

On this episode of SPS, Pamela and the Platypus Review Editor-in-Chief, Lou S. chat about the recent NBA crack-up over vaccine skepticism and discuss the articles in the new issue of the Platypus Review. Andreas, our EU correspondent, reports from the frontlines of a protest camp in the North East of Vienna. And, in the last segment, Andreas sits with our German members, Tobias, Tom and Anna, to reflect on the recent Bundestag election. They discuss the past and future of Die Linke, the upset by the Greens & the collapse of the left/right distinction within the Green Party, and the future of a post-Merkel, post-Neo-liberalism Germany.

Latest Issue of the Platypus Review: -

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Platypus on the Death of the Millennial Left: - Chris Cutrone article from 2017, - Public Panel on “What was the Millennial Left?" during the Platypus 2021 International Convention: - Chris Cutrone teach-in on the death of the millennial left from 2018:

Hosted by Rose F., Pamela N. and Andreas W., with original tracks by Tamas Vilaghy, and editing assistance by Michael Woodson and Tamas Vilaghy. To learn more about Platypus, go to

On this episode of SPS, Pamela and Rose discuss the Biden bungle of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the responses by the “Left,” including Tariq Ali for the New Left Review and Branko Marcetic for Jacobin. SPS European Correspondent Andreas interviews Eduardo Maura, from the Spanish party Podemos, and asks him to reflect on his political trajectory, from his work in the Indignados -- the Spanish anti-austerity movement -- to Podemos in government, to the party’s recent electoral defeats. In the last segment, Platypus president Efraim interviews Mike Watson, a UK born art & media theorist, and author of The Memeing of Mark Fisher: How the Frankfurt School Foresaw Capitalist Realism and What To Do About It, released by Zero Books in 2021. They discuss the different responses to the New Left by Adorno and Marcuse and the conditions of possibility for political consciousness in an administered society.


Chris Cutrone, “Afghanistan: After 20 and 40 years” in Platypus Review 139 (September 2021)…20-and-40-years/

Tariq Ali, “Debacle in Afghanistan” New Left Review: Sidecar (16 August 2021)…e-in-afghanistan

Branko Marcetic, “Joe Biden Was Right to Pull Out of Afghanistan” Jacobin (24 August 2021)…cy-pullout

Tariq Ali Interviewed by Chris Cutrone, on Iraq, the anti-war movement, and the state of the Left conducted on October 15, 2007 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.…y-chris-cutrone/

“Imperialism: What is it—Why should we be Against it?” On January 30th, 2007, Platypus hosted its first public forum. It features Adam Turl of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), Kevin Anderson of the Marxist-Humanist group News and Letters, Nick Kreitman of the new Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Danny Postel of Open Democracy, and Chris Cutrone of Platypus.…e-be-against-it/

“¿Más allá de la izquierda y la derecha? (Beyond left and right?): An Interview with Eduardo Maura of Podemos” by Lucy Parker and David Mountain with Nikos Manousakis in Platypus Review 72 (December 2014 – January 2015)…da-y-la-derecha/

Mike Watson, The Memeing Of Mark Fisher: How The Frankfurt School Foresaw Capitalist Realism And What To Do About It (2021)…mark-fisher

Efraim Carlebach, “Forgetting Mark Fisher” in Platypus Review 115 (April 2019)…ing-mark-fisher/

Hosted by Rose F., Pamela N. and Andreas W., with original tracks by Tamas Vilaghy, and editing assistance by Michael Woodson. To learn more about Platypus, go to

On this three-part episode of SPS, Rose and the Editor of the Platypus Review, Lou Sterrett, give a teaser of what’s inside the latest issue.

In the second segment, our European Correspondent Andreas Wintersperger catches up with Ian Cassidy. Originally from Ireland, Cassidy is a Berlin-based activist, working for the campaign 'Deutsche Wohnen & co enteignen' which aims to pressure Berlin’s largest private housing companies to better serve their tenants.

In the final segment, SPS co-host Pamela sits down with Victor and Sidsel, our members in Aarhus, to discuss the recent debates over academic freedom in Danish universities in response to the parliament in Denmark accusing researchers of “excessive activism”.

On this three-part episode of SPS, Rose and Pamela catch up to discuss Shaka King’s Judas and the Black Messiah (2021). They reflect upon the director’s interpretation of the Black Panther Party and how questions of black nationalism, the police and the authoritarian state bear on our present moment.