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The Platypus Review contribuiu recentemente de modo ímpar com os estudos sobre Teoria Crítica no mundo todo. De forma inédita, na edição de número 91 de novembro de 2016 a revista publicou um texto de Theodor W. Adorno intitulado “Remarks on The Authoritarian Personality by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, Sanford”

Tobias Schweiger ist seit Juni 2021 einer von sechs BundessprecherInnen der Kommunistischen Partei Österreichs (KPÖ). Davor war er federführend im Aufbau der Jungen Grünen (JG) aktiv. Nach deren Ausschluss aus der grünen Bundespartei 2017 war er einer der Mitbegründer der unabhängigen linken Jugendorganisation Junge Linke (JL). Zusätzlich organisierte er in Bremen Kapital-Lesekreise für die Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung und war bei der antideutschen Gruppe associazione delle talpe aktiv.

OVER THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF, I have been developing a seemingly paradoxical theory of anti-leftist Marxism in an effort to explain how the Left enforces bourgeois class domination. Refined in dialogue with a handful of fellow travelers on social media and now through an ongoing series of articles, anti-leftist Marxism rejects the conventional association between Marx and the Left
SINCE THE 2008–09 FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, interest in socialism, communism, anarchism, and various anti-capitalist theories have been widespread among the U.S. public. However, this has not manifested itself in a revival of the labor movement or the enactment of social-democratic reforms.
MY PRINCIPAL TEACHERS IN MARXISM were the Spartacist League, Adolph Reed and Moishe Postone — Theodor Adorno was also a crucial teacher, through his writings, which Reed had pointed me towards when we met up in Chicago after I graduated from college. The title of this essay is an homage to Adolph’s own “Paths to Critical Theory,” which narrates his political and theoretical coming to consciousness.