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Ep 26: On 1776 and reading the Renegade Kautksy

Sh*t Platypus Says · Ep 26: On 1776 and reading the Renegade Kautksy

On this episode, Pamela and Sophia discuss the destruction of statues depicting American Revolutionary figures. Our members James Vaughn and Spencer Leonard join us to discuss the legacy of the American Revolution and the repercussions of the 1619 project. And Sophia catches up with Rory Hannigan and Clint Montgomery in light of our Summer Reading group on Kautsky’s Marxism. We reflect on Karl Kautsky as a leading figure in Second International Marxism and how it might be important to consider Kautsky today.

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(1) Trump’s address to the Young Conservatives of America:
(2) American Revolution Lecture Series:…-lecture-series/
(3) Summer Reading Group on Kautsky’s Marxism:

Hosted by Pamela C., Sophia, with editing assistance by Michael W.

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