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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 14: On the Yellow Vest Protests & 10 Years after the Financial Crisis

Ep. 14: On the Yellow Vest Protests & 10 Years after the Financial Crisis

On this episode of Sh*t Platypus Says, we have a report on the yellow vest protests with our members Ciat and Teo, both currently in Paris. They share their reflections on the mass demonstrations, the on-going crisis of neoliberalism and the confused responses by the left. After, your hosts, Laurie, Suzy and Pam talk about the memory of the 2008 financial crisis in popular culture and discuss some of the changes they foresee for labor & capital relations in the coming years. Finally, if you still don't know what happened in 2008, let our resident financial genius, Wentai, break it down for you at the end of our episode.

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We recommend, from the Platypus Review archives:
"A cry of protest before accommodation? The dialectic of emancipation and domination" by Chris Cutrone, from Platypus Review 42 (December 2011 – January 2012)…e-accommodation/

Hosted by Pamela Nogales, Laurie Rojas & Suzy V.

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