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You are here: Platypus /Ep. 3: What do the socialists want anyway?

Ep. 3: What do the socialists want anyway?

A special holiday edition, with guests Reid Kotlas (Platypus Vermont, and Socialist Party USA) and Efraim Carlebach (Platypus London), on the Left today and the problem of the Democratic and Labor Parties. What do the socialists want anyway?

We discuss:
An interview with Lee Carter, a democratic socialist who defeated a Republican legislator in Virginia in the recent elections…ction-socialist

Seth Ackerman, "A Blueprint for a New Party"…-party-ackerman

An interview with Ian Birchall, a leading figure of the International Socialist tendency for over half a century…ew-ian-birchall/

Hosted by Audrey Crescenti, Pam Nogales and Laurie Rojas.

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