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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Ep. 2: Why should anyone care about 1919?

Ep. 2: Why should anyone care about 1919?

On this episode:

(0) Democrats are lame. #nuffsaid
(1) A conversation with Philip Cunlife, author of Lenin Lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017, reviewed by Gregor Baszak on the pages of the Platypus Review November issue.…ution-1917-2017/
(2)A convo about the Platypus panel "1917–2017" with members, Frederik Heinz and Lukas Hedderich, hosted by the Goethe University chapter in Frankfurt (DE). The panel had Frank Ruda (Philosopher, Berlin/Frankfurt am Main); Lars Quadfasel (Hamburger Studienbibliothek); Anton Stortchilov, (Historian, Die LINKE); Rafael Rehm (Der Funke, International Marxist Tendency). Recording of the panel can be found here:…el19172017Frankfurt
(3) Why should anyone care about 1917?

Hosted by Audrey Crescenti, Pam C. Nogales C., and Laurie Rojas.