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Anti-fascism in the age of Trump (Berkeley)

On October 17, 2017, the Platypus Affiliated Society Hosted a panel discussion at Berkeley City College on anti-fascism in the age of Trump. The discussion was moderated by Audrey Crescenti.


Since the Nazi seizure of power eighty years ago anti-fascism has been a component of left-wing politics. In response to the Trump presidency, the politics of anti-fascism, reminiscent of the Popular Front of the 30’s or the Black Bloc politics of the 90s, have -- once again -- been resurrected by the Left. How is anti-fascism the same or different today? Why anti-fascism now?


  • Luma Nichol (Freedom Socialist Party, United Front Against Fascism)
  • Ramsey Kanaan (PM Press)
  • Victoria Fierce (East Bay for Everyone, DSA)
  • Eugene E Ruyle (ICSS, DSA, CPUSA, Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library)