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You are here: Platypus /Teach-in: What the Bloody Hell is the 'Dialectic'? (Manchester, UK)

Teach-in: What the Bloody Hell is the 'Dialectic'? (Manchester, UK)

A teach-in held by the Platypus Affiliated Society Manchester on the 30th of January 2020, explaining in basic terms what is meant by 'the dialectic', through Theodor W. Adorno's An Introduction to Dialectics.

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  • Posted 10 months ago

    I listened to this last night. The dense intellectualism of the speaker left me mainly baffled, with a few moments of going, “Bloody obvious really, why make all the palaver over it?” But the aside where the speaker said he had a breakdown before university, was unemployed, went to the job centre and said he needed a part time job that was low stress while he got himself together and the worker at the job centre said all the jobs are like that and that all the staff are on antidepressants made more sense than the rest of the talk together. I may knick that story and work it into a long poem on the absurdities of late capitalism.

    by John Hoggett on November 27, 2020 7:26 am

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