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What is Trotskyism? (Pittsburgh)

A panel discussion organized by the Platypus Affiliated Society on November 22nd, 2013, at the University of Pittsburgh

The Platypus Affiliated Society cordially invites you to attend a discussion about the history of Trotskyism, on Pitt campus next Friday. The discussion will aim to explain the history of Trotskyism to a general audience, & discuss its political relevance in the present--no specialized knowledge will be presumed, & anyone with an interest in the history of Marxism & the Left is welcome. The event will have 15-20 minutes for each speaker, followed by a 15 minute response section, & a 45 minute audience Q&A.

Andrew Wagner (WIL, IMT)
Andrew R. (Member of the ISO who is speaking for himself and does not represent the organization)
Thomas Willis (Platypus)

Richard Rubin (Platypus)