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  • Platypus Review #97 is out!
    Platypus Review #97 is now online, featuring "The fatal embrace of the Left and the Labour Party" by Michael Fitzpatrick, a panel on "What is Socialism" featuring Jack Conrad, Adam Buick and Robin Halpin, and Efraim Carlebach's "'Last illusions': The Labour Party and the Left".
  • Platypus Review #96 Now Online
    Issue #96 of the Platypus Review is now online. This issue features a transcript of the "Crisis of Neoliberalism" panel from the 2017 European Conference in Vienna, with Chris Cutrone, John Milios, Emmanuel Tomaselli and Boris Kagarlitsky.
  • 9th Annual Platypus International Convention
  • Platypus Review #94 Now Online
    Issue #94 of the Platypus Review is now online, featuring Nikos Malliaris on how Christopher Lasch can inform emancipatory politics in the age of Trump, and Laura Lee Schmidt on the education policies of Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos.
  • Platypus Review #93 Now Online
    Issue #93 of the Platypus Review is now online, featuring two panel discussions on immigration and the Left. Speakers at the University of Illinois at Chicago panel were Jorge Mujica, Ralph Cintron, and Jacqueline Steven, with Alvaro Rodriguez, Henry Cooper, and Liam Wright speaking at the University of Houston.

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Die Platypus Review
For more than 30 years the radical academic Ralph Miliband wrestled with the question of how the Left should confront the problem of the Labour Party. In the 1960s, he insisted that the Left should work within the party to win it over to the cause of socialism. In the 1970s, he accepted that it was futile to attempt to transform Labour and argued that the Left should organize an independent socialist party. In the 1980s, he collaborated with left-wing initiatives inside and outside the Labour Party. In his final, posthumously-published, response to the emergence of New Labour in the 1990s he signaled the Left’s abandonment of any hope of an existence independent of Labour.
Since Jeremy Corbyn took leadership of the Labour Party in 2015, he and his party have been the North Star for many on the Left. This reorientation has raised old questions about the Left's relationship to the Labour Party. At the Oxford Radical Forum in March the description for a panel on “Corbyn, Labour and the Radical Left” put forward a number of symptomatic propositions. It registered the fact that “several socialist tendencies which had previously campaigned against the party now committed to supporting it under Corbyn’s leadership” and that Corbyn’s election to leader “was largely viewed as a moment of triumph for the far left.” But what is the Left? And what would mean for it to triumph?
On March 23, 2017, the Platypus Affiliated Society organized a panel discussion, “What is Socialism? International Social Democracy,” at the London School of Economics. Moderated by Nunzia Faes of Platypus, the event brought together the following speakers: Jack Conrad of the Communist Party of Great Britain and the Weekly Worker; Adam Buick of the Socialist Party of Great Britain; and Robin Halpin, translator of works by the Exit! group. What follows is an edited transcript of their discussion.

Im Folgenden dokumentieren wir die Podiumsdiskussion „Brauchen wir eine linke Einheit?“, die am 22. November 2014 an der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt stattfand. Sie wurde im Rahmen der Blockupy-Aktionstage von der Platypus Affiliated Society organisiert und moderiert. Das überarbeitete Transkript basiert auf der Audioaufzeichnung der Veranstaltung, die hier nachzuhören ist.

Tobias Schweiger: Rezension zu „Kritik des politischen Engagements“ von Gerhard Scheit