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  • Platypus Review #130 is out!
    Issue #130 of the Platypus Review is now online!
  • The Legacy of the American Revolution Lecture Series
    This summer, James Vaughn, Chris Cutrone, Reid Kotlas, Spencer Leonard and Pamela Nogales will be leading a series of virtual lectures on the legacy of the American Revolution. We ask: How does America remain a revolutionary society? How did each chapter of American history give a new impetus to the revolution that began in 1776?
  • Platypus Virtual
    During the corona-virus outbreak, Platypus has moved its international reading groups and public fora online.
  • Marxism in the Age of Trump book!
    Trump’s victory is the beginning not the end of a process of transforming the Republican Party as well as mainstream politics more generally that is his avowed goal. So the question is the transformation of democracy—of how liberal democratic politics is conducted. This was bound to change, with or without Trump. Now, with Trump, the issue is posed point-blank. There’s no avoiding the crisis of neoliberalism.

The Platypus Review

Die Platypus Review
Ted Humphrey is President’s Professor, Barrett Professor, Professor of Philosophy and Lincoln Professor of Applied Ethics (all Emeritus) at Arizona State University. At the time of retirement, his primary area of focus was Latin American intellectual history; over the course of 50 years, Humphrey authored numerous books and articles. On July 25, 2020, Ethan Linehan interviewed Prof. Humphrey. What follows is an edited transcript of that conversation.
WITH THE 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY upon us, predictably, a deluge of jejune articles, interviews, and Twitter threads admonishing the revolutionary credentials of the American Revolution (or the American War of Independence to be more concise) will inevitably come out in full force, brimming with vim, vigour, and pomp.
Over June and July 2020, the Platypus Affiliated Society hosted a lecture series titled “The Legacy of the American Revolution”. The lectures were given by Platypus members James Vaughn, Chris Cutrone, Pamela Nogales, Spencer Leonard and Reid Kotlas. To conclude the lecture series, the lecturers convened a roundtable discussion on the fate of the American Revolution. What follows is an edited transcript of their discussion.
A CERTAIN CHANGE CAN BE SENSED in Latin America’s remaining bastions of left-wing rule. The once popular governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela—together with their charismatic and populist leaders—have been forced to the defensive as widespread protests show signs of disillusionment with unfulfilled promises of prosperity and change.
Am 25. Januar 2020 organisierte Platypus Leipzig eine Podiumsdiskussion, um die Krise des Neoliberalismus aus linker Perspektive zu beleuchten. Es diskutierten Stefan Bollinger (Politikwissenschaftler und Historiker), Jan Gerber (Politikwissenschaftler, Historiker und Autor), Annika Klose (Politikerin der SPD) und Ingar Solty (Sozialwissenschaftler und Autor). Es folgt ein editiertes und gekürztes Transkript der Veranstaltung.
Chris Cutrone ist Mitglied der Platypus Affiliated Society und hat diesen Text am 4. Dezember 2019 an der School of the Art Insitute in Chicago vorgetragen. Ursprünglich erschien der Text in der englischen PR # 123, Februarausgabe 2020. Eine Videoaufnahme des Vortrags mit anschließender Diskussion ist hier online verfügbar.
Ein Interview von Steffen Andrae mit dem Historiker und Kracauer-Biographen Jörg Später