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Karl Wimmler, Jahrgang 1953, aufgewachsen in Liezen (Steiermark), studierte Germanistik und Geschichte und war in den 1970er-Jahren in linken Organisationen tätig. Er lebt in Graz als freier Autor und Mitarbeiter von CLIO (Verein für Geschichts- und Bildungsarbeit). Das Interview wurde von Platypus-Mitglied Andreas Wintersperger am 12.11.2022 geführt. Es folgt eine gekürzte und editierte Version des Gesprächs.

On January 30th, 2007, Platypus hosted its first public forum, “Imperialism: What is it—Why should we be Against it?” The panel consisted of Adam Turl of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), Kevin Anderson of the Marxist-Humanist group News and Letters, Nick Kreitman of the new Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Danny Postel of Open Democracy, and Chris Cutrone of Platypus. What follows is an edited transcript of this event. The question of imperialism remains obscure on the Left. In light of the continued failure of the anti-war movement to end the U.S. presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the decline of anti-war protest in the wake of Barack Obama’s election, it seems that the critique of imperialism has not been clarified, but only become more impotent in its opacity. Consequently, the Platypus Review believes that this panel retains its salience.
Barack Obama had, until recently, made his campaign for President of the United States a referendum on the invasion and occupation of Iraq. In the Democratic Party primaries, Obama attacked Hillary Clinton for her vote in favor of the invasion. Among Republican contenders, John McCain went out of his way to appear as the candidate most supportive of the Bush administration’s policy in Iraq.