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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/[5.2.13] "White-Skin Privilege"?

[5.2.13] "White-Skin Privilege"?

Platypus presents:

“White-Skin Privilege”?


Join Platypus in a discussion of the possible significance of the black question for the reconstitution of an American Left. As a prelude to a wider panel discussion, Mel Rothenberg will address the theoretical underpinnings of the white-skin privilege thesis originally formulated in the 1970s by the Chicago-based Sojourner Truth Organization, of which Rothenberg was a member.

Mel Rothenberg is the author ofThe Myth of Capitalism Reborn: A Marxist Critique of Theories of Capitalist Restoration in the USSR.


Friday, May 2nd at 4:30 PM

Wilder House | 5811 S Kenwood Ave


Recommended reading:

White Blind Spot

Interview of Mel Rothenberg conducted by Platypus on Radical Minds (WHPK–FM Chicago)


Image shown in header is from Aaron Douglass’s “Aspriation” (1936)



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