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I am writing with some notes on Rosa Luxemburg's Mass, Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions (1906), which we read as our second text from the period of the 1905 Revolution in Russia.

From Leon Trotsky (1879-1940), Results and Prospects (1906), VII. The Pre-Requisites of Socialism:

I am writing with some brief, partial notes from our discussion at UChicago at yesterday's (Sun. 3/8/09) reading group, on several essays from Georg Lukacs's 1923 book History and Class Consciousness.

I am writing with some notes and suggestions for discussion on the Spartacist League pamphlet on "Lenin and the vanguard party" (1978):

Re: Platypus:

"They had friends, they had enemies, they fought, and exactly through this they demonstrated their right to exist."

-- Trotsky, on the history of new political and artistic movements (1938)