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The Platypus Review contribuiu recentemente de modo ímpar com os estudos sobre Teoria Crítica no mundo todo. De forma inédita, na edição de número 91 de novembro de 2016 a revista publicou um texto de Theodor W. Adorno intitulado “Remarks on The Authoritarian Personality by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, Sanford”
IT IS 150 YEARS SINCE THE BIRTH, on 22 April 1870 in Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk, Russia), of Vladimir Il’ich Ulyanov, known universally as Lenin. He came from a wealthy family in the social estate of the nobility.
THE PLATYPUS REVIEW HAS RECENTLY CONTRIBUTED in a unique way to studies on critical theory worldwide. In an unprecedented way, in the issue number 91 of November 2016, this magazine published a text entitled “Remarks on The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor W. Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, Sanford.”
WHAT HAS AN EXISTENTIAL EVENT COME TO MEAN at this moment in our lurching history of crises, lies and mediocre distractions? One that makes it necessary for the individual and humanity as a whole to examine and make each decision of daily life in relation to an external independent force that could threaten the physical survival of the species?
WE LIVE IN RELIGIOUS TIMES. The stories we tell ourselves have become imbued with supernatural qualities. Often this superstition manifests as the desperate and melancholic faith in the permanence of the present or the obliteration of our petrified conditions by environmental (or economic, etc.) catastrophe.