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    The Crisis of Society and the Left The V. European Conference of the Platypus Affiliated Society will take place from September 8-10, 2022 at the University of Vienna, Austria.
  • Platypus International Convention 2022
  • Marxism in the Age of Trump book!
    Trump’s victory is the beginning not the end of a process of transforming the Republican Party as well as mainstream politics more generally that is his avowed goal. So the question is the transformation of democracy—of how liberal democratic politics is conducted. This was bound to change, with or without Trump. Now, with Trump, the issue is posed point-blank. There’s no avoiding the crisis of neoliberalism.

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The Platypus Review

Die Platypus Review
On June 5, 2021, the Platypus Affiliated Society hosted this panel with panelists Pascal Robert (co-host of This is Revolution, and a contributor to Black Agenda Report), Ashanti Alson (anarchist, on the steering committee of the National Jericho Movement, formerly of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army), and Rutledge Dennis (a professor of sociology at George Mason University, W. E. B. Du Bois scholar, and a former member of Students for a Democratic Society).
On March 6, 2022, Platypus Affiliated Society member D. L. Jacobs interviewed David MacGregor, author of The Communist Ideal in Hegel and Marx (1984), Hegel, Marx, and the English State (1992), and Hegel and Marx after the Fall of Communism (1998). An edited transcript follows.
STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY (SDS) was founded in 1960 as a transformation of the student wing of LID (League for Industrial Democracy). The social democratic inheritors of Walter Lipman’s Intercollegiate Socialist Society, LID had banned Communists from its organization in the 1940s and had a close relationship to organized labor in America.
On April 2, 2022, the Platypus Affiliated Society hosted this panel at Northwestern University as a part of the 2022 Platypus International Convention. The panelists were Benjamin Studebaker (formerly of What’s Left?, PhD from the University of Cambridge,, Donald Parkinson (editor-in-chief of Cosmonaut magazine and a member of the Marxist Unity Group organizing committee), James Heartfield (historian and activist, author of Britain’s Empires (2020) among others,, and Chris Cutrone (original lead organizer of the Platypus Affiliated Society, teaches philosophy and critical social theory at SAIC and the Institute for Clinical Social Work).
Ein Interview mit Koschka Linkerhand über queerfeministischen Menschenverstand, radikalfeministischen Frauenverstand und den ausbleibenden Rückenwind der Geschichte
Ein Interview mit Tove Soiland ĂĽber die Haltung der Linken zu den Corona-MaĂźnahmen, die Epoche des postideologischen Totalitarismus und die Notwendigkeit einer plural diskutierenden Linken.
Ist „Gender” eine Leerstelle des Marxismus, die nur durch neue Formen der Theorie komplettiert werden kann? Welche politische Bedeutung hat der Begriff Gender für die Linke heute? Wie steht es um „Gender-Befreiung” mehr als 30 Jahre nachdem sie als politisches Projekt ausgerufen wurde? Was hat die Linke gelernt aus den 200 Jahren Kampf um die Befreiung der Geschlechter? Welche politische Rolle käme „Gender” in einem Kampf um die Emanzipationen der Geschlechter zu?