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Shortcodes GeneratorEasy to use Lightbulb tool to generate and setup shortcodes

With this feature placing and configuring shortcodes is fast and easy process. Lightbulb is a special unique tool that allows to choose, setup and quickly insert shortcode into the selected place in editor. Thanks to this you can make a full use of Superior Osaka theme shortcodes and add into content: buttons, galleries, text frames, post/page boxes, dividers, create columns etc.

The big advantage of this feature is that it works for both editors – HTML and Visual editor. The option that activates it is placed right above the editor – look for the Lightbulb icon! After clicking on this option just select a shortcode from the list, setup your shortcode and insert it into the editor. Here you can also check all the shortcode parameters description. When shortcode is in the editor you can still manually adjust some values in the code, if you would like to change your settings defined previously in the Lightbulb.

Each shortcode has its own panel with options. Use it to choose the parameters and values with just a few clicks.