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Professional Menu SystemAdvanced and easy to use navigation

Below each main navigation menu item it is possible to display standard nested menu or special custom width mega menu with various columns. Unique Pro Menu System available exclusively in Superior Osaka theme is an advanced tool with different useful options, where you can change the submenu width, add notes, spaces, titles, text tags, organize items or even add submenu bottom image... and much more!

All these basic and advanced options of the menu allow you to build your own, non standard menu. The new professional system gives you much more control over the navigation area which is so important for any type of the site. This system let you decide if your site needs a simple menu construction or a more advanced submenus. And you can also create a mixed menus where one item has simple nested menu and the other show a bigger and more complex element.

Drag and drop functionality allows to make easy modifications in the menu construction or editing process.