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Film Screening: Rosa Luxemburg (1986)

January 6, 2013
by editor

Platypus presents a film screening of

Rosa Luxemburg (1986)

a film by Margarethe von Trotta, in German with English subtitles, 122 minutes

A political biography of one of the leading figures in the history of European socialism

7th February 2013


Room: NAB (New Academic Building) 305

Bring friends, enemies and the friends of your enemies, and the enemies of your friends. Spread the announcement widely!

The Crisis of German Social Democracy (1915) “Socialism is the first popular movement in world history that has set itself the goal of bringing human consciousness, and thereby free will, into play in the social actions of mankind. . . . The victory of socialism will not descend from heaven. The international proletariat . . . will take the tiller of social life and become the pilot to the goal of its own history.”

— Rosa Luxemburg, “The Crisis of German Social Democracy” (1915)

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