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Teach-in at Aarhus by Platypus member Victor Cova.

The contemporary left seems weaker than ever. Compared to the uprisings of the 1960s, to say nothing of the world revolution of the 1920s, the events that followed the 2008 crisis (#Occupy, Arab revolutions, Movement of the Squares, Black Lives Matter...) were nothing short of disappointing. Marxism had inspired many of these earlier revolutionary attempts, but now seems hopelessly obscure. Where left-wing movements continue to talk about "capitalism", "class", and "revolution", it is rarely clear what they mean by these words.

What is capitalism? What is capital? Why did Marx write a critique of political economy? How did this contribute to a world revolutionary movement? What has the failure of this world revolution meant for the Left? Is Marxism about revealing relations of domination that are concealed by ideology?

Panel on "Power" at the Marx NU 2019 conference in Copenhagen organised by Selskab for Marxistiske Studier, with an intervention by PAS Aarhus member Victor C. With Michael Rahlwes (The Crisis of Marxism and Marx’s Critique of Politics), Erica Borg & Amedeo Policante (Capital, Biopower and the Anthropocene: Critical Reflections on the Earth Bank of Codes), Victor Sacha Cova (Does Marxism Need a Theory of Power?), followed by questions from the audience. 

A teach-in on the New Deal by Clint Montgomery, reflecting on the recent European elections and the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the U.S. As the present crisis of neoliberalism sees calls from the left for a "Green New Deal" and a return to the post war welfare-state, what was the New Deal and why is its specter returning now?