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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Jena/Rheinland: Neue Linke Ferien-Lesekreis 2021

Jena/Rheinland: Neue Linke Ferien-Lesekreis 2021

ab 02.03.2021 jeden Dienstag 18 Uhr 

online via Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 924 0815 0900

Kenncode: 123456

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Woche I. 1960er Neue Linke | 02.03.2021

● Stuart Hall"Introducing New Left Review"

● C. Wright Mills"Letter to the New Left" and "The politics of responsibility" 

● Herbert Marcuse"Beschluss" aus Der eindimensionale Mensch (1964) 

● Carl Oglesby"The idea of the New Left" 

Woche II. 1960er Neue Linke: Gender and sexuality | 09.03.2021

The situation of women is different from that of any other social group. This is because they are not one of a number of isolable units, but half a totality: the human species. Women are essential and irreplaceable; they cannot therefore be exploited in the same way as other social groups can. They are fundamental to the human condition, yet in their economic, social and political roles, they are marginal. It is precisely this combination — fundamental and marginal at one and the same time — that has been fatal to them.
— Juliet Mitchell, "Women: The longest revolution" (1966)

● Clara Zetkin “Erinnerungen an Lenin” (1925)

● Juliet Mitchell: “Women: The longest Revolution” (1966)

● Theodor W. Adorno, “Sexualtabu und Recht heute” (1963)

● John D’Emilio“Capitalism and gay identity” (1983)

Capitalist contradiction chart of terms

Woche III. 1960er Neue Linke: Anti-black racism in the U.S. | 16.03.2021

As a social party we receive the Negro and all other races upon absolutely equal terms. We are the party of the working class, the whole working class, and we will not suffer ourselves to be divided by any specious appeal to race prejudice; and if we should be coaxed or driven from the straight road we will be lost in the wilderness and ought to perish there, for we shall no longer be a Socialist party.

— Eugene Debs, "The Negro and the class struggle" (1903)

+ Eugene Debs: “The Negro and the class struggle” (1903)

Debs: “The Negro and his nemesis” (1904)

Capitalist contradiction chart of terms 

● Richard Fraser: “Two lectures on the black question in America and revolutionary integrationism” (1953)

Fraser: “For the materialist conception of the Negro Struggle

● James Robertson und Shirley Stoute: “For black Trotskyism” (1963)

Spartacist League: “Black and red: Class struggle road to Negro freedom” (1966)

+ Bayard Rustin: “The failure of black separatism” (1970)

● Adolph Reed: “Black particularity reconsidered” (1979)

Reed: “Paths to Critical Theory” (1984) 

Woche IV. 1960er Neue Linke: Neo-Marxismus | 23.03.2020

● Martin Nicolaus“Der unbekannte Marx” (1968)

● Theodor W. Adorno,"Spätkapitalismus oder Industriegesellschaft (1968) [AUDIO]

● Moishe Postone“Necessity, labor, and time” (1978)

+ Postone, “Interview: Marx after Marxism” (2008)

+ Postone: “Geschichte und Ohnmacht: Massenmobilisierung und aktuelle Formen des Antikapitalismus” (2006)

+ Postone: “Theorien der heutigen Welt: Robert Brenner, Giovanni Arrighi, David Harvey” (2006)

Commodity form chart of terms

Capitalist contradiction chart of terms

Organic composition of capital chart of terms

Marx on surplus-value chart of terms

Woche V. 1960er Neue Linke | 30.03.2021

"The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of revolutionary leadership."

—Leon Trotsky (1938)

" 'Revisionism' is the view that every new development requires the abandonment in practice of basic aspects of previously held theory. Ultimately this drift from the dialectical materialist method leads to a drift from the working class itself. Marxism, on the contrary, develops through the continual integration ofnew elements, new realities, into its theoretical structure. . . . Particularly in the present period, when the working class seems to the empiricist to be under the complete and everlasting domination of reformist bureaucracies, this ideological pressure is the result of a terribly strong social pressure. The Trotskyist groups feel small and isolated at the very moment that significant leftist forces are clearly in motion throughout the world. These forces, however, are under the leadership of non-proletarian tendencies: 'left' social democrats, Stalinists of one or another variety, and 'revolutionary' bourgeois or petty-bourgeois groups in the colonial countries."

—RT of the SWP-USA (1962)

● Revolutionary Tendency of the Socialist Workers Party/U.S., "In defense of a revolutionary perspective"

● Spartacist League"Die Ursprünge des Pabloismus" (1975)

● Efraim Carlebach, "The unchanging core of Marxism: An interview with Ian Birchall"