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Platypus at the Left Forum 2012

Video of Platypus panels at the Left Forum can be found on Vimeo on the Platypus channel.

March 16-18 at Pace University

Session 1 W402 Finance Capital and Occupy: Marxist Perspectives Sat 10:00am

Session 3 W623 Impossible Occupations: Marxism and Psychoanalysis Sat 03:00pm

Session 3 W605 The Significance of Art in the Occupy Movement Sat 03:00pm

Session 3 W617 Arab Spring into Winter? Challenges to the Left one year on Sat 03:00pm

Session 5 E308 2011, 1999, 1968 -- and 2012? The history of the Left and #Occupy Sun 10:00am

Session 5 E329 Technology, Un/Employment, and the Left: From Future Shock to OWS Sun 10:00am

Session 5 E326 The Environmentalism of Occupy Sun 10:00am

Session 7 E320 Third Parties and the Left: Problems and Prospects Sun 03:00pm

Drop by the Platypus table!