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Find the Platypus Review in Halifax

The Platypus Review is a free monthly broadsheet produced and distributed that acts as an open forum for discussions about the left (full statement of purpose).

The Platypus Review is distributed in and around campus at the following locations:

1. NSPIRG Office (Dalhousie Student Union Building, Room 314)
2. Racks in the Courtyard of Dalhousie Killiam Library
3. Coburg Coffee, 6085 Coburg Rd
4. Entrance, King's University Library (University of King's College)
5. Outside Prince Dining Hall (University of King's College)
6. Literature racks outside SUNSCAD office (NS College of Art and Design)
7. NS College of Art and Design, Port Campus Enterance
8. Student Union Building, Saint Mary's University
9. Java Blend (6027 North Street)
10. Second Cup, Spring Garden Road (5425 Spring Garden Road)