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You are here: Platypus /Chicago City-wide Meeting Friday March 6th

Chicago City-wide Meeting Friday March 6th

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 South Michigan room # 707

We want everyone from SAIC, UChicago, Loyola, DePaul and other Chicago platypi to a city-wide meeting and a night on the town.

It's about time everyone from around the city meets face to face to talk about the future of our group.

Come to discuss and plan our upcoming events in March and April  along with our first international convention in June.

I hope to see you all there!

-Ian Morrison and Laurie Rojas

Please email to RSVP if you are not SAIC affiliated.

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  • Posted 12 years ago

    Yesterday, Fri. 3/6/09, members and friends of Platypus in Chicago met for an all-city meeting, with participants from our chapters at the School of the Art Institute, University of Chicago, DePaul and Loyola. In attendance (in order sitting around the conference table) were:

    Ian M. (presiding)
    Ashley W.
    Valerie VDM.
    Jerzy S.
    Sarah A.
    Chris M.
    Gabe G.
    Zeb D.
    Nate S.
    Greg G.
    Ardevan Y.
    Marco T.
    Laurie R.
    Sunit S.
    Atiya K.
    Chris C.
    Raechel T.
    Sam [?]
    Carrie G.
    Lucy P.

    Joining us after we adjourned the formal meeting to dine, where the conversation continued, were Spencer L. and Chuck H.

    Missing from the meeting only for scheduling conflicts were several other key new and potential members of Platypus, Omair H., Chase, and Alex.

    Our conversation was concerned with the following agenda items:

    1.) Summer convention June 12-14
    – Workshops for internal education?
    – Panels for external education?
    – Outreach — to other “Left” groups (e.g., Marxist-Humanists, et al.)?
    – Public forum to coincide with the convention?

    2.) Further public educational activities for Spring 2009:
    – Forum on immigrant labor (@ SAIC in April?)
    – Forum on student activiism (@ Depaul in April?)
    – Teach-ins at UChicago, DePaul and Loyola? Potential topics: “Race” after Obama’s election; Terror and the Left; “Being” on the Left, after Heidegger, Lacan, Althusser, Foucault, Derrida, et al.
    – Building turn-out for May Day 2009 at the various schools?

    Some interest was expressed in doing an event (at DePaul) on “social justice” and the Left, as a way of intersecting students whose politics is motivated on such a basis.

    Some controversy was raised in our meeting around the prospect of doing a teach-in on “Terror and the Left” (at DePaul), because of the use of the term “Islamism” in our discussion to denote the tenor of student politics around issues such as Israel-Palestine. The complaint was that the term “Islamism” was “Islamophobic” and Right-wing. For instance, Spencer L.’s article in the recent issue #10 of the Platypus Review (Feb. 2009), “Nothing Left to Say: a critique of the Guardian’s coverage of the 2008 Mumbai attacks,” was singled out for criticism in this regard:

    There was also some dispute over whether the recent student take-over protest at NYU had been motivated or at least catalyzed by the recent Israeli anti-Hamas incursion into Gaza, the supposed Hampshire College divestment from Israel, etc., or whether take-overs at NYU, the New School, Rochester, etc. (including schools in Britain) represented an up-swing for the Left.

    In this context we also discussed the general Platypus prognosis that Obama’s election will affect the “Left” negatively and that we are moving into a relatively politically quiescent period for protest politics, depoliticizing people who had been politicized against Bush II in ways that Obama’s presidency will make unsustainable.

    This was disputed, in terms of regarding many on the Left as having had no illusions in Obama, with the expectation that since the underlying social issues remain the same, student radicalism will continue unabated or even continue to develop positively.

    — Anyone else who wants to report on the meeting and/or respond to our discussion there, I encourage you to please do so.

    by Chris Cutrone on March 7, 2009 10:21 am

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