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You are here: The Platypus Affiliated Society/Platypus NYC screening: Rosa Luxemburg (1986)

Platypus NYC screening: Rosa Luxemburg (1986)

Rosa Luxemburg (1986) imdb

luxemburg2A Film by Margarethe von Trotta
A political biography of one of the leading figures in the history of the Left
Running time: 122 minutes (in German with English subtitles)

Friday, January 30th,  2009
New York University Sociology Department
Puck Building
295 Lafayette st. 4th FL
New York, NY 10012


"In this informative docudrama, director Margarethe von Trotta (who inherited the project from the late Rainer Werner Fassbinder) relates the life and times of Rosa Luxemburg. Von Trotta based her film on historical research and some of the more than 2,000 letters Rosa Luxemburg wrote during her active life." (IMBD)

Recomended reading: Rosa Luxemburg, “The Crisis of German Social Democracy” Part 1 (1915) [PDF]
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