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Read and Discuss January 18th texts: The Absence of the Left

January 18, 2009

“However difficult the task of grasping and confronting global capital might be, it is crucially important that a global internationalism be recovered and reformulated. . . . None of the massive demonstrations against the war featured oppositional progressive Iraqis who could provide a more nuanced and critical perspective on the Middle East, a telling political failure on the part of the Left.” (Postone 2006)

“We have to note, with regret, that the Iraqi democratic forces have not received, in their difficult struggle, effective solidarity and support from international forces of the Left.” (Iraqi CP 2006)

Participants of Loyola U. Chicago, and DePaul U.Chicago/Northside reading group should post summaries/reflections of their discussions on the following readings:

· Moishe Postone, “History and Helplessness: Mass Mobilization and Contemporary Forms of Anticapitalism” (2006)

· Fred Halliday, “Who is Responsible? [interview with Danny Postel in Chicago]” (2005)

Iraqi Communist Party, Letter to Fraternal and Friendly Parties About the Situation in Iraq and the Position of the Iraqi Communist Party (Jan. 2006)