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Towards a Newer Avant-Garde presents: "To a Woman Passing By"

Inaugural Exhibition 

@ Obst, 1801 s Peoria 

Friday, September 21st, 2018 (Obst, 1801 s Peoria)

To a woman passing by,

I have watched you on the street, placing foot in front of foot, darting through the mass of God’s hellish creation. I have been irreparably struck by your image, which is always departing from my view. With the abandon of your steps, you have won my admiration. I love you for your grace because your walk is so unloving and your movement so unending. I love you for your presence because your sight vaporizes and your gaze unnerves.I love you for the indifferences you cast and the interest you represent. I love you for your taste because it ruthlessly discards whatever cannot last, for you have shown me that the ever-new remains the same old thing. But most of all, I love the cloudy dreams your profanity inspires. Your’s is a rejuvenating sight, and for that I dedicate these works, my first efforts in your name.

The softness that fascinates, the pleasure that kills! 

I may be an incomplete man, but I am very passionate.


Exhibiting Artists |
Tatyana Skalany, Anthony Gonzalez, Wesley Gryziak, Suzy Vogenthal, Ant Morales, Anthora Guarderas, Patrick Zapien, Erin Hagood, Stephanie Gomez


Wesley Gryziak, "Two Trees at the Bottom of a Hill", 2017

Anthora Guarderas, "pass me by mr. lurk", 2018

Tatyana Skalany,
Untitled 2, 2018

Tatyana Skalany,
Untitled, 2018

Patrick Zapien, "Three Shades (After Rodin)", 2018

Ant Morales, "Reverie of Looking Left", 2013

Ant Morales, "6refinery.nine", 2018

Group show Entrance @ Obst

Group Show Exit @ Obst

Erin Hagood, Patrick Zapien, Stephanie Gomez & Suzy Vogenthaler, insert by Wesley Gryziak

"To A Woman Passing By"

 Electronic Copy

(Contact our facebook for inquiry on how to acquire hard copy)

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September 11, 2018
4-6 PM
School of the Art Institute Chicago
37 S Wabash Ave
Sharp Building, Room 327

This talk will examine the historical and present-day strategies and challenges of antifascist struggles in Germany. Against the background of Marxist theory and 'Autonomen'-style politics, join us to interrogate the failures of radical left politics and what ask what lessons we might draw from them and how they can inform challenges coming from the right in both Europe and the US today.

Our guest speakers are members of the Berlin-based anticapitalist organization TOP B3Rlin and the German-wide "UmsGanze" alliance of (post-)antifascist groups.


Loyola University
Tuesdays 6-9 PM
Metropolis Cafe
1039 W Granville Ave

School of the Art Institute at Chicago
Thursdays 6-9 PM
MacLean Center
112 S Michigan Ave
Room 517

University of Chicago
Saturdays 12:30-3:30 PM
Harper Memorial Library
1116 E 59th St
Room 151

 required / + recommended reading

Week 1. What is the Left? I. Capital in history | Sep 30 (UChicago) Oct 3 (Loyola) Oct 5 (SAIC), 2017

• Max Horkheimer, "The little man and the philosophy of freedom" (1926–31)

• epigraphs on modern history and freedom by Louis Menand (on Marx and Engels) and Karl Marx, on "becoming" (from the Grundrisse, 1857–58)

• Chris Cutrone, "Capital in history" (2008)

+ Capital in history timeline and chart of terms

+ Being and becoming (freedom in transformation) chart of terms

+ video of Communist University 2011 London presentation

 Cutrone, "The Marxist hypothesis" (2010)

 Cutrone, “Class consciousness (from a Marxist persective) today”

Week 2. What is the Left? II. Bourgeois society | Oct 7 (UChicago) Oct 10 (Loyola) Oct 12 (SAIC), 2017

• Immanuel Kant, "Idea for a universal history from a cosmopolitan point of view" and "What is Enlightenment?" (1784)

• Benjamin Constant, "The liberty of the ancients compared with that of the moderns" (1819)

+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the origin of inequality (1754)

+ Rousseau, selection from On the social contract (1762)

Week 3. What is the Left? III. Failure of Marxism | Oct 14 (UChicago) Oct 17 (Loyola) Oct 19 (SAIC) , 2017

• Max Horkheimer, selections from Dämmerung (1926–31)

 Adorno, “Imaginative Excesses” (1944–47)

Week 4. What is the Left? IV. Utopia and critique | Oct 21 (UChicago) Oct 24 (Loyola) Oct 26 (SAIC), 2017

• Leszek Kolakowski, “The concept of the Left” (1968)

 Marx, To make the world philosophical (from Marx's dissertation, 1839–41), pp. 9–11

 Marx, For the ruthless criticism of everything existing (letter to Arnold Ruge, September 1843), pp. 12–15

School of the Art Institute Chicago
Tuesdays at 6 PM
MacLean Center, Room 517
112 S Michigan Ave

9/1 (Friday) - Battleship Potemkin
9/5 - Reds
9/12 - Rosa Luxemburg
9/19 - Cradle Will Rock
9/26 - Grin Without a Cat (Part 1)
10/3 - Grin Without a Cat (Part 2)

University of Illinois at Chicago
Tuesdays at 6 PM
Grant Hall, Room 106
703 S Morgan St

9/12 - Reds
9/19 - Fall of Eagles
9/26 - Rosa Luxemburg
10/3 - Nixon in China

Bayard Rustin speaks in front of City Hall in New York on May 18, 1964, at a rally for school integration.

Loyola University
Tuesdays 6-9 PM
Metropolis Cafe
1039 W Granville Ave

School of the Art Institute at Chicago
Thursdays 6-9 PM
MacLean Center
112 S Michigan Ave
Room 517


 required reading / + recommended reading

Week E. 1960s New Left I. Neo-Marxism | Sep. 5 (Loyola) Sep. 7 (SAIC), 2017

• Martin Nicolaus, “The unknown Marx” (1968)

+ Commodity form chart of terms

• Theodor W. Adorno“Late Capitalism or Industrial Society?” (AKA “Is Marx Obsolete?”) (1968)

• Moishe Postone, “Necessity, labor, and time” (1978)

+ Postone, “Interview: Marx after Marxism” (2008)

+ Postone, “History and helplessness: Mass mobilization and contemporary forms of anticapitalism” (2006)

+ Postone, “Theorizing the contemporary world: Brenner, Arrighi, Harvey” (2006)

Week F. 1960s New Left II. Gender and sexuality | Sep. 12 (Loyola) Sep. 14 (SAIC), 2017

• Juliet Mitchell, “Women: The longest revolution” (1966)

• Clara Zetkin and Vladimir Lenin, “An interview on the woman question” (1920)

• Theodor W. Adorno, “Sexual taboos and the law today” (1963)

• John D’Emilio, “Capitalism and gay identity” (1983)

Week G. 1960s New Left III. Anti-black racism in the U.S. | Sep. 19 (Loyola) Sep 21 (SAIC), 2017

• Richard Fraser, “Two lectures on the black question in America and revolutionary integrationism” (1953)

• James Robertson and Shirley Stoute, “For black Trotskyism” (1963)

+ Spartacist League, “Black and red: Class struggle road to Negro freedom” (1966)

+ Bayard Rustin, “The failure of black separatism” (1970)

• Adolph Reed, “Black particularity reconsidered” (1979)

+ Reed, “Paths to Critical Theory” (1984)

Week H. Frankfurt School precursors | Sep. 26 (Loyola) Sept. 28 (SAIC), 2017

• Wilhelm Reich, “Ideology as material power” (1933/46)

• Siegfried Kracauer, “The mass ornament” (1927)

+ Kracauer, “Photography” (1927)