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Platypus on the present

#Occupy | Art and culture | Arab Spring | The “war on terror” | Afghanistan-Pakistan | Iran | Iraq | Israel-Palestine | Bolivarian Revolution | The financial crisis | Obama and “race” | Prospects for the “Left” | The student "Left" | The workers' movement


The #Occupy movement, a renascent Left, and Marxism today: An interview with Slavoj Žižek

A cry of protest before accommodation? The dialectic of emancipation and domination

Whither Marxism? Why the occupation movement recalls Seattle 1999

Art and culture

Forum: The relevance of critical theory to art today

Petrified unrest: a review of the Creative Time summit

I can't go on, I'll go on: a response to “Questionnaire on ‘The Contemporary’” in October and “What is Contemporary Art?” in e-flux

Is the funeral for the wrong corpse? An interview with Hal Foster

Arab Spring

Egypt, or, history's invidious comparisons: 1979, 1789, and 1848

To the shores of Tripoli: Tsunamis and world history

The “war on terror”

Nothing Left to say: on the Mumbai attacks

Going it alone: Christopher Hitchens and the death of the Left


Afghanistan, internationalism and the Left: an interview with Terry Glavin

The poverty of Pakistan's politics (PPP)


Review: Iran: "Insights into its religion, politics and power"

Film review: Persepolis and the personal consequences of failure

30 years of the Islamic Revolution in Iran: an interview with Ervand Abrahamian

The failure of the Islamic Revolution: the nature of the present crisis in Iran

Against the status quo: an interview with Homayoun Pourzad of the Network of Iranian Labor Unions

Forum: 30 years of the Islamic Revolution in Iran: the tragedy of the Left


Ba'athism and the history of the Left in Iraq: violence and politics

Iraq and the election: the fog of “anti-war” politics

Remarks on Chris Cutrone’s “Iraq and the election: the fog of ‘anti-war’ politics”


Catastrophe, historical memory and the Left: 60 years of Israel-Palestine

Forum: Which way forward for Palestinian liberation?

Forum: Marxism and Israel: Left perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Bolivarian Revolution

The dead Left: Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

The financial crisis

Finance capital: why financial capitalism is no more “fictitious” than any other kind

Friedrick Hayek and the legacy of Milton Friedman: neoliberalism and the question of freedom (in part, a response to Naomi Klein)

Obama: 3 comparisons: MLK, JFK, FDR: the coming sharp turn to the Right

Obama and Clinton: “Third Way” politics and the “Left”

Obama and “race”

Review: Angela Davis, “How does change happen?”

Exchange: “Race” in social-historical and political context

Requiem for the ’60s: response to a boycott of discussion of “40 years of 1968”

Obama: Progress in regress: the end of “black politics”

Forum: Progress or regress? The future of the Left under Obama

Prospects for the “Left”

Forum: Imperialism: What is it, why should we be against it?

Forum: The 3 Rs: Reform, Revolution, and "Resistance:" the problematic forms of "anticapitalism" today

Forum: Progress or regress? The future of the Left under Obama

Letter to The Nation on “Re-imagining socialism”

Resurrecting the ’30s: a response to David Harvey and James Heartfield

Symptomology: historical transformations in social-political context

Forum: What is a movement?

The coming insurrection? A reflection on resistance at the G20

Against dogmatic abstraction: a critique of Cindy Milstein on anarchism and Marxism

Chinoiserie: a critique of the RCP, USA on Alain Badiou

The Marxist hypothesis: a response to Alain Badiou's "communist hypothesis"

The student "Left"

The Hundred Days Campaign: the present and future of SDS: an interview with Rachel Haut

Five questions to the student Left

Violence at the RNC

Exchange: Red-baiting and ideology: the new SDS

The New School occupation and the direction of student politics: an interview with Atlee McFellin

Forum: Politics of the contemporary student Left

Why is it that nobody understands me, yet everybody likes me? The ambivalence of the current German student movement

Forum: Ideology and the student Left

The workers' movement

Forum: The 3 Rs: Reform, Revolution, and "Resistance:" the problematic forms of "anticapitalism" today

Forum: Left behind: the working class in the crisis

Forum: What is a movement?

Labor struggles today: a report on a recent civil disobedience action in Chicago

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