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  • PR #91 is out!
    For this special issue of the Platypus Review, we will publish Theodor W. Adorno’s “Remarks on the Authoritarian Personality” for the first time. In includes an Introduction by Chris Mansour and responses by Chris Cutrone and Kirk Wetters. Additionally, we have an article on the Corbyn phenomenon and an answer to “Why not Trump?” article from issue #89 (September 2016).
  • Platypus Review #90 Now Online
    Platypus Review #90 is now online, with Watson Ladd on Stalinism, Reid Kotlas on Bookchin and Marx, and Howie Hawkins on moving beyond Social Democracy
  • Platypus Review #89 Now Online
    Platypus #89 now online, with Chris Cutrone on Trump, Boris Kagarlitsky on Bernie Sanders and a transcript of our panel on the European Union

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